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Dermica Whitelan

Dermica WhitelanSyringe 10 x 2,0 ml Suitable for use on skin with dark spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation. Not suitable for very dark skin, Fitzpatrick types

Dermica Revitalzon

Dermica RevitalzonSyringe 10 x 2,0 ml A shortage of adenosine affects cellular repair and reproduction, which directly affects the body, accelerating the ageing process. It

Dermica Acnezon

Dermica LiftingzonSyringe 10 x 2,0 ml By applying the solution with Goldpen micro-needling therapy, results are improved. The action of the micro-needles enhance production of

Dermica Firmzon

Dermica Firmzon Syringe 10 x 2,0 ml Facial and body liposculpture is a technique used to recontour the skin using mesotherapy. This facilitates the treatment

Dermica Acnezon

Acnezon Therapy is suitable for all forms of acne, including inflammatory and non-inflammatory types.